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A trusted brand that has accompanied families for 2 generations, Gin Thye brings you lovingly handcrafted mooncake favourites - rich with delectable flavour - to celebrate this Mid-Autumn festival with family and loved ones.

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Mooncake is an incredibly popular baked dish, consumed in many parts of Southeast Asia - including Singapore - and China, to celebrate the mid-autumn festival. These delicious pastries are a perenial favourite with millions and make a great treat during festival season, as well as being the perfect gift for friends and family, even business partners and associates. Gin Thye mooncakes come in a variety of flavours, all lovingly produced to give you that rich taste of tradition. Fans of snow skin and durian will love our all-time star product Snow Skin Durian Mooncake.

Celebrate Mid-Autum Festival with Gin Thye mooncakes

A staple of Chinese heritage, mid-autumn festival is beloved by individuals of all ages. One of the most popular harvest festivals in the world, it shouldn't come as any surprise that food and drink that centre stage in this exciting event. In addition to cassia wine and other treats, mooncakes stand as one of the hallmarks of this cultural event, with all manner of fabulous flavour combinations and ingredients on offer. While traditional pastries are filled with bean and seed pastes, some cakes can be spiced up with more delicious fillings, including salted duck egg and other high-end ingredients. If you're looking to present mooncakes as gifts to friends and family, or even business partners and associates, Gin Thye mooncakes are the perfect choice for you. With more than 50 years of bakery tradition and heritage. Gin Thye indulges you in quality treats handmade to perfection. Whatever your budget and taste preference, we definitely have the right mooncakes to let you celebrate the festivities in style.